Our Story


It started as a hobby and it turned into a life-long passion. Adrian was only in high school when he first found his interest in fashion. It began with him designing outfits and tailoring thrift shop finds in order to give them a unique style.

His first products designed and created from scratch were bow ties that he made for himself. Soon after, all his friends were asking for more accessories that they could purchase. He started dreaming while working hard and learning every day. It wasn’t long before the fashion figures in his hometown grew an interest in his work.

His very first collection, Asymmetry, launched in 2014, consisted of rucksacks, cardigans, shirts, trousers and hats. They were all designed and sewn by his own hands. From that point, things started going in the right direction and he is starting to get recognised as one of the few fashion designers in Transylvania.

Adrian Vele is now growing into a brand that reaches beyond the audience of his hometown, or even home country. But even so, the story remains the same: all our artisanal products are locally created and ethically sourced, always with the highest standards for quality and design. And beyond everything else, our passion for humanity and its purpose is still the reason why we do what we do.


Our style cannot be contained in just one category. Bold, fresh and distinctive, our collections have their own individuality. We love authenticity and uniqueness, but also simplicity and minimalism. That is why we use fabrics like wool and cotton, but also embroidery and geometric designs.

Our products are a mixture of aesthetics and practicality, all wrapped up in a powerful fashion statement.