created to create

 “Our story is what we have to offer to the world. [..] What is your idea of you? Who is it that you have decided to become? If your greatest work of art is the life you live, and ultimately life is a creative act, what life will you choose to leave behind as your masterpiece?”  - Erwin McManus

This is what we had in mind when we started using #createdtocreate in our work. As Erwin McManus eloquently writes in his book, we are both works of art and creators, both masterpieces and artists. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our lives are a continuous creative process. We create worlds, ideas and meaning. We create connections, memories and dreams. Every choice we make generates an outcome and every action tells a story of the life we are designing.

When we realise this truth, we cannot keep living the same way. We feel the urge to change, to be more intentional in the way we live our lives. We can’t afford to live recklessly or waste our time. And we cannot bear the thought of living just for ourselves.

That’s the reason why we are CREATED TO CREATE. Not because we all have to be fashion designers or painters or musicians. But because creativity dwells in the human heart. And whether we are aware of it or not, our legacy lies into a creative act.

At Adrian Vele, we believe that humanity is the most beautiful art form on earth. This is what we promote, and this is what we empower. This is why we create. Our vision is to build a brand that will offer our customers more than just fashion items. We want our work to be an artistic expression of the greatness of humanity.

Fashion is our chosen method to express a message of hope. We want our work to tell people that THEY MATTER. That their lives, their actions and their dreams have purpose. That they have purpose. That they are creators too, and have the possibility to make a difference in the world through their creative process.

If our vision inspires you, we invite you to join us in this revolution of bringing hope and kindness into the world.


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