created to create

 “Our story is what we have to offer to the world. [..] What is your idea of you? Who is it that you have decided to become? If your greatest work of art is the life you live, and ultimately life is a creative act, what life will you choose to leave behind as your masterpiece?”  - Erwin McManus


Humankind. A word so familiar yet so often forgotten. But we have to remember it’s who we are. We’re human, we’re kind. We should be both. 

What sets us apart as humans is our unique ability to imagine and create - picture a better world around you and use kindness as a tool to make it happen.

created w/ purpose

Have you ever had that dream where you run barefoot through a dark forest as if you were running for your life, sweaty, with unsteady breath and a heartbeat that sounds like the ticking clock of a bomb? And right in the middle of it, you have the sudden realisation that you have no idea what you’re running towards or away from.


Too often, our lives look exactly like that dream. We run like crazy, we work hard and fight with our fists clenched and held high. And also often, we come to a point where we ask ourselves… why? What if all of this is in vain, and we are just running aimlessly with no destination?